Rotary Compressors(旋转式压缩机)

- 2019-07-05-

In reality,rotary compressors are of four general design configurations: (i) rolling piston, (ii)rotating vane, (iii) screw, and (iv) scroll.(在现实中旋转式压缩机有4种设计结构:()滚动活塞,()旋转叶片,()螺杆,以及()滚动Therefore, rotary compressors have a rotary or circular motion instead of a reciprocating motion.(因此旋转式压缩机有旋转或圆周运动,而不是往复运动They operate on rotors which rotate on an eccentric shaft.(他们是依靠一个有偏心轴的转子旋转Gas enters through a space between the rotor and the cylinder through a suction port.(气体通过吸气阀进入转子及气缸之间的一个空腔The gas is compressed as the rotor revolves due to the eccentrical assembly of the rotor and the cylinder.(由于转子和气缸偏心安装,使气体在转子转动时被压缩A discharge port on the opposite releases the compressed air.(被压缩的气体通过对面的排气阀排出The two more commonly used rotary compressors include the rolling piston-type and the rotating-vane-type.(两中较常用的旋转式压缩机包括滚动活塞式和旋转叶片式Both are very similar in size, performance and applications.(两者在尺寸性能和应用方面都非常相似Rotary compressors are popular in domestic refrigeration and suited for applications where large volumes of vapor are circulated and where alow compression ratioisdesired.(旋转式压缩机在国内制冷领域非常受欢迎,适用于大量的气体循环和低压缩比的场合In fact,these work as positive is placement pumps.(事实上,这些运动属于容积泵

In a rotary compressor the rotor turns in a cavity.(旋转式压缩机的转子在一个空腔内运转The refrigerant gas enters through a port,is compressed by the movement of the rotor after the rotor seals the port, and is moved to the discharge port.(制冷剂气体通过进气口进入,在转子密封住吸气口后气体被压缩,然后运动到排气口This is known as the basic rotary principle and applies to both vane and screw compressors.(这就是所谓的旋转式原理,它被应用到叶片式和螺杆式压缩机中

Reciprocating <wbr>compressors <wbr>and <wbr>Rotary <wbr>compressors(往复式压缩机和旋转式压缩机